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I’m not sure why the Lord put Kenya in my life, but each trip here has been more powerful than the one before.  I started with nothing – no money, no church behind me, and no idea of what I was doing – and it has grown into a major ministry.  While I am an unknown here in the States, I seem to have become a small celebrity in Kenya.  You just never know what the Lord will do in your life if you let Him.

I believe that this trip was more than just another exercise in Christian ministry.  If that was the case, we could just send another youth group from our churches and they would do a fine job.  There is something more than that going on here.  I believe that Kenya is on the verge of a great move of God, but there are a few obstacles in the way. 

They are starving for God, and they are willing to do whatever it takes, but I get this feeling that while they are bending as far as they can, they are not breaking yet.  They need that extra snap to bring them into that brokenness down deep in their souls that always precedes any great revival from God.  But they are almost there.

There are two other obstacles that must be overcome: that “welfare mentality” idea of a Gospel of Entitlement, and their tribal chieftain mentality.

My message has repeatedly been that the Gospel is not about us; it’s about others.  They, have gotten this idea of a Gospel of Entitlement from the American prosperity preachers on TV, i.e., “What’s in it for me?”, “Bless me, bless me, bless me, God.” Their focus has to change.  If they do not, it will be impossible for revival to break out because revival is all about sacrifice so that others can be saved.  The good news is, however, that more and more of them are becoming disillusioned with what they see on Christian broadcasting and are coming back to that old fashioned Gospel and the path that leads to the Cross.

The other obstacle, the Tribal Chieftain mentality, is a mind-set that swings both ways.  For one, they have to get rid of the idea that the church pastors and leaders are royalty and that laymen cannot attain to that level. That idea has hampered the Body of Christ by setting up false echelons and maintaining a class structure in the Church that does not exist in the Spirit of God.

But that mentality also swings the other way.  The members of the congregation must also get rid of the idea that the pastors are supposed to do all the work.  Fire burns up, not down.  If revival does not burn in the pews, it won’t burn in the streets.  If we wait for the pastors to do all the work while we sit and wait for God to drop a revival in our laps, we will wait forever. 

When I bring these messages forth, it is as if they got an epiphany.  They don’t mind working; they just don’t know what to do. Once they realize that not only does God not place limitations on them, but also holds them responsible, it sets them free.

All the elements are here for revival to break out.  In one of these churches during one of their services, a match will be struck, and once it is lit, the fire will start.  I believe that.  Any obstacles in the way are coming down quickly.

I think back to that panic attack that I had when I first arrived 10 days ago and laugh.  It has not only been worth the effort and expense, but we have won victories that will last for a long time.  There is no telling what has been accomplished here.  I am leaving feeling victorious, full, and accomplished.  I have done what I was sent to do. 

Now it is their turn to grab the opportunity given them and finish the job.