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Monday, Day 10

Today is the day that Iím going home!  Iíve purposely left this day free because I know that somehow it wonít stay free; somebody or something will show up.  Still, I am going to sneak out of the hotel and scurry away before anyone calls me or shows up.  Iím tired and Iím drained.  I donítí think I have anything left in me to give out, so Iím not going to be good to anybody right now anyway.

Before I can make a clean breakaway, however, the dayís schedule begins to fill up.  (I told you.) I have to stop back at the Mathare orphanage to pick up a DVD of our visit there that I hope to upload to my website so you can see what it is like.  I encourage you to take a look, because it will open a door to see a segment of this world that you could never imagine on your own.

But there is another visit I must make before leaving.  A pastor has been calling me for days, begging me to please not leave until I visit his church, or at least meet with him at his office.  I have no idea who he is or how he knows me, but I get this feeling that I need to do this one last thing before the Lord will release me to go home.

Apparently, this pastor attended a service/seminar that I had two years ago, and it inspired him to start his own church.  Like I have done with so many other pastors, I promise him that I will come and minister to his congregation when I return.  Itís going to have to be a month long trip the next time just to visit all the churches that are anticipating my return.  I guess that means I am coming back.

But for now, I am on my way home.  I canít tell you how much I am ready to go home. The whole trip will take well over 30 hours, and I just want to hurry up and get started.

At the airport, I run into a group from Dallas, Texas.  And not just from Dallas, but they are with some people from the Ferris Ave Baptist Church in Waxahachie.  (I wonder if they are reading this column).  Small world indeed. They are all excited to be in an exotic foreign land, but I am so weary that I feel like an old road warrior on the long road home.  It has been a long 10 days.