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10 Days of Revival in Nairobi

Day 2

Today is our first day in the new church building. First days always seem like they should be the harbingers of what is to come, so I am a bit anxious to see how the day will turn out with all the obstacles that are facing us.

I have a lot at stake here.  Besides the money that has been spent to get here, success or failure will reflect on whether or not I have been led of the Lord in this venture or if I have been just kidding myself. 

Last night, I was loaded down with fears that this whole trip was a waste of time and money, that nothing would ever come of it, that it was only for the benefit of a very few people, and, because I had touted this as being something important from God, that I was in actuality nothing more than a fraud.  Yeah, you-know-who was sitting on my shoulder yakking in my ear.  It took a bunch of prayer to shake off the olí devil and resign myself to the fact that regardless, I am here, and we are going forward no matter what the devil would like to tell me.

Iíd like to take the credit for standing up against the devilís accusations, but honestly, the thing that really broke this spell was the idea of my wife rolling her eyes at me if she could have heard all this nonsense.


I thought that we had two services, at 9am and 1pm.  No, services START at 9am and CONTINUE until 1pm.  This is Africa, not America, and a couple of hours in church are not enough. 

We will start with an hour of prayer, followed by a time of praise, and then a message from the Word.  Next we will have members stand up to give testimonies to what the Lord has done for them, followed by some time of worship (distinguished from praise), followed by another message from the Word.  Finally, we will close with an altar call and prayer.

Sounds pretty impressive, doesnít it?  There are only 8 people in this church and there is no telling if the tracts we passed out yesterday will reap in any others, so we may have a very slim turnout, but none of that matters to them as long as God is there.  This is how great things are started, when the only thing that is big is your faith in God.

Sure enough, the people started coming in until there were about 30 of them.  But more than that, the Holy Spirit showed up -- and brother, did He show up in power!  For five hours, we were drenched, we were excited, we were shouting and yelling, we were convicted, we were jumping up and down singing at the top of our lungs, and we were in love.

 When it was all over, I had that feeling like I had been plugged into an electrical outlet and had been totally drained, used, and satisfied.  I neednít have worried that anything about this trip would be inconsequential or vain.  We had touched the Throne of God and that is all that matters.



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