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10 Days of Revival in Nairobi

Friday, Day 7

I should have known. I should have recognized the signs and realized what was coming. This is old stuff for me, but I just wasnít thinking along those lines of experience Ė I just thought I was having a bad day.

The day started off okay. I met with an apostle from Nigeria in the hotel lobby and I shared what the Lord had shown me for his country.  This is the 4th or 5th pastor who has contacted me and offered to help take me throughout Nigeria to share my message with them.  Nigeria is next on the list. 

The Lord showed me a cloud of thick darkness over Nigeria, especially northern Nigeria.  As I looked, I could see little pinpricks of light shining out of the midst of that darkness, and could hear these faint cries for help coming from them.  I have to go.  I donít know what awaits me there, but I have to go.  Nigeria is next.  I have no idea where the money will come from, but I have to go.

I told this pastor what the Lord had shown me and it must have struck a chord with him, because he offered to host me there while in the capital.  This is the 4th pastor, one from each section of Nigeria, who has shown up out of nowhere to help host me in Nigeria.  Ya think maybe itís a sign?

As soon as I left him and headed into town, however, I almost got arrested and sent to jail. I was on my way to the Bible Book Store to get some more Bibles, and a cop saw me talking on the cell phone while driving.  I could see him running through traffic and I just knew that somehow he was running after me.  Oh, great.  If this guy resents white people, my goose is cooked.

Sure enough, Iím in trouble. Apparently, not only is talking on a cell phone while driving against the law, it is a serious offense. He gets in and tells me to drive to the Police Station where I will be booked. Itís almost like asking you to load the gun that is going to shoot you.  I figure that I had better tell everyone that I will be, uh, a bit delayed, so I begin to reach for the cell phone to call them. Yeah, thatís all I need to do, right?  Pick up the phone again, this time while driving the cop who is still yelling at me.  Thank God, I caught myself before I picked it up.  Hey, I never said I was the smartest guy in the class.

Iím not sure, but for some reason, the cop let me go.  But now I have to fight for a parking spot in the mid-day traffic somewhere close enough to the store so I can carry 3 large boxes of Bibles to the car.  Going to jail might have been easier.  Getting the parking spot in front of the bible store ranks right up there with parting the Red Sea, but Ė and I can hardly believe it Ėa simple prayer of quiet desperation is answered when someone backs out of a parking spot right in front of the store as I pull up.  I canít believe it.

Yeah, I know. Youíre thinking, ďSo what?  Whatís the big deal?Ē  The big deal is that in the whirlwind of stress and anxiety, God gave me a sign that He is still on my side and listens to my prayers.  And right about then, I really needed to know that.

A faithful brother back in the U.S. has told Cindy that he will pay for 500 Bibles.  It still chokes me up to think about it.  The value in human souls is inestimable and canít be measured in money.  You have to see the faces of these people to really understand how huge this is in the eternal scope of things.  Somehow, he must know.  If he doesnít, he will when he meets these souls face to face in Eternity.

Itís time to head back for another Bible reading group and services, but Iím so tired that I am barely able to stay awake.  I have to slow down this pace.  The level of intensity has been slowly draining me Ė both the preaching and the driving through traffic Ė and I have not realized the toll it has been taking.  I know Iíve lost weight because my pants are so loose, I can pull them off me.  I feel light and weak like I could float away, but thereís only a few more days left to go.  But everybody wants me to come to them also and minister, and it is hard to refuse because I will only be here for a limited time. But pretty soon, if I donít get a break, I am not going to be good to anyone.  I guess this is what happens when you get old.

Tonight is our last open-air crusade.  We have won souls at every open-air meeting and at every place we have preached, the only exception being the ďlunch hour servicesĒ.  I havenít counted how many have gotten saved, but its not the number that is important to me Ė itís the presence of the Lord to draw them to the altar.  I take it as a seal of approval that His Spirit is working in the midst of us. 

After ministering to all the new souls, itís off to some tiny shack down on a dark and muddy road in the middle of one of the slums.  There are 16 people here, a dirt floor, and a tin roof, but this is where the Holy Ghost takes charge tonight.

Cinch up your pants, take a deep breath, and stand up ready to give it whatever youíve got (if Iíve got anything left).  Out of somewhere comes a brand-new message, and I am preaching up a storm.  Gone is the fatigue and weakness.  The moment I stood up, the Spirit of God took over, and I left my flesh somewhere far behind in the excitement of the Holy Ghost.

I come to the end of an intense message like pulling in the reins on galloping horses and jumping off the saddle.  I stood there and all I said was, ďLetís prayĒ.  Thatís all I said, and the Spirit came pouring down in buckets.  

We started praying and couldnít stop.  We were overwhelmed by the outpouring, swimming in it, lost in its power, drenched in the glory of God.  Whenever I thought it would finally slow down and come to an end, it would pour down all over again and knock you back, rolling over you with Holy Laughter.

After a while, I figured that since I was the preacher, I should lay hands on each one and pray over them.  Sounds funny, I know, but I wasnít sure what I was supposed to do, and I figured that laying hands on everybody sounded like a pretty good thing to do.  That started things up all over again.  People rose up; people fell down; some went down to crumble in prayer, crushed on the floor by the power of the Holy Spirit of God; others fell backwards, slain in the Spirit. I didnít know what would happen next, so I went back to the front of the church and sat down and just watched.

I felt like I was standing on the outside looking in.  The presence of God was so thick that it almost looked like a fog had filled the room Ö and Iím not so sure that it didnít.  As I sat there watching the Spirit of God envelop this church, I had the distinct thought that this might be the match that would light the dry grass of Africa. 

Iíve been waiting all week for this.  I knew that this week was going to bring forth something very special, not the ordinary revival services, but something much bigger.  At first I was afraid because you always want to believe that this is the time when the supernatural will happen, but I donít want to be proclaiming the same old nonsense and be another ďwannabeĒ.  If it is going to happen, it is going to happen, and if not, then it wonít.  But this time it did happen.

I canít tell you what will come of this meeting.  Maybe it is just the first of many to follow.  Maybe it will start a fire that will catch, and maybe it will go out before it spreads to other churches.  I donít know what will happen, but I know that God has a plan, and this meeting was part of that plan.

If nothing else happens while I am in Nairobi, this evening in this tiny little rundown church will be enough.