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About the Book

Four Steps to Revival grew out of a series of messages that have been preached across Africa for the last ten years.  As the messages developed and were spread, people began to ask for a written copy to keep after Brother Dale was gone.  As the messages grew and new revelations were added, the booklet grew into what you have in your hands today.

Approximately 30,000 copies have been distributed across Africa and the message continues to inspire and encourage people.  It has been carried into many areas that have never seen the Light of the Gospel and is responsible for hundreds of churches being planted and thousands of souls receiving Christ. 

Four Steps to Revival explains in a simple way the things that are holding us back from a true Holy Ghost revival and outlines from Biblical references what we have to do to get one.  The simplicity of the basic principles given in the book makes it easy for everyone to understand and to implement.  As a result, pastors in many countries carry Four Steps to Revival along with their Bibles to bring revival to their churches.

Not only are the principles of revival explained, but Four Steps to Revival brings to light the specific prophesies about the last great revival promised just before the return of Jesus Christ, giving the reader great confidence that if these principles are followed, revival will surely come. 

Not only will revival come, but it will be the greatest revival of all time.