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Four Steps to Revival

About the Book

About the Author

This booklet is the heart of the message that I've been bringing for several years, but most especially to Africa in the last 3 or 4 years.  I believe that a Holy Ghost revival is the best hope for the deep spiritual problems that face our world.

The Church is supposed to be a lighthouse that points the way to Heaven in a dark landscape, but when the Church loses its vibrancy and its light grows dim, our focus shifts from where we are going to where we are, and the idea of eternal judgment loses its urgency. Without a bright shining light to point us in the true direction of Life, we can only stumble about in darkness. Only a Holy Ghost Revival can light those fires in our lighthouses to illuminate the path to Salvation.

It is written that there will be one last great revival just before Jesus Christ returns the greatest of all time. It is in preparation for this last great revival that this book is written. All fires must have a match to start them. My prayer is that this book will be a match to help ignite a blaze of revival that will burn around the world.

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Four Steps to Revival Audio Messages

We have recorded the 8 audio messages in mp3 format of the actual recordings of the entire series of messages that we have been bringing to the churches.

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  1. Gideon's Cry

  2. Joel Chapter 1

  3. Desperate Desire for Revival

  4. Winning the Lost

  5. Repentance before Revival

  6. Building a Fire in the Church

  7. the Prophesy in Joel

  8. Practical Steps