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I have been asked many times where the name Fire in the Hole came from and what does it signify. It’s a funny story. Minutes before my very first radio broadcast, the DJ asked me the name of my program. I was caught completely off guard. I hadn’t thought about a name and had but seconds to come up with an answer. I shot up a quick prayer, and an immediate answer came down. “Fire in the Hole” I quipped, not knowing what it stood for nor where I had heard that expression before.

Being as puzzled as anyone, I did some research.

“Fire in the hole” is an old miner’s term that is also used in the military. It is shouted out whenever an explosion is about to go off. You don’t have to reach very far to grasp the analogy that the Lord gave me. There’s an explosion of spiritual war that is about to occur, just as the Word of God states. The question is not whether or not it will take place, but we will be ready for it when it does.

The articles that make up this book were written as a series of newspaper columns in anticipation of that explosion. At the time, there didn’t seem to be much connection between one column and another -- I would write as the Lord impressed me to -- but over the long run I began to perceive the weaving of a tapestry in these messages that could only be seen in its overall design from a distance.

The message brought forth in this book is an old message, but still relevant today. I agree with Solomon that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I can only hope that you will see the tapestry here as the integrated workmanship of the Master of design, who has not given up on us, but ever calls us back to Him.


Table of Contents

Spiritual Warfare       
  • Conflict        
  • A Call To Arms 
  • The Death of Saul   
  • Détente       
  • Conspiracy   
  • The Cycle of Apostasy    
  • Compromise in Battle 
  • Wise in Your Own Eyes  
  • The Making of Champions 
  • No Small Stir    
  • Press Toward the Mark  
  • A Field of Barley
  • End Time Warnings    

  • The Coming Rain
  • The Grasshopper and the Ants
  • Give a Portion to Seven
  • In a Dry Tree  
  • Lamentations         
  • Religious Intolerance  
  • The Voice said Cry! 
  • Revival        

  • Four Steps to Revival.       
  • Attitude for Revival        
  • Famine       
  • Blow the Trumpet in Zion  
  • Salt of the Earth 
  • Rachel’s Cry 
  • Beside the Winepress of God
  • Just the Time for a Prophet
  • Church of the Laodiceans  
  • Three Wise Women       

    Admonition to the Churches
  • Two Paths; Two Trees
  • Blood, Fire, Fear, and Souls of Men
  • Ruth  
  • Perspective  
  • The Sands of Sinai  
  • Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?       
  • Desperate Prayer
  • Pecan Pie    
  • Where Are the Nine? 
  • Mahershalalhasbaz         
  • Security       
  • A 12-Year Old’s Prayer
  • The Gospel According to Rene Descartes     
  • Herod Feared John  
  • God Never Gets Angry
  • Excuses       
  • Love Offerings    
  • Blind as Balaam      
  • Human Nature         
  • Modern Day Prophets     
  • The Spirit of Whoredom
  • Focus on Others         
  • The Church As a Bride 
  • The Wedding Feast 
  • Conclusion