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Fire in the Hole, by Dalen Garris

This book is a collection of newspaper columns that were written to bring understanding to the times that we are in and the times that are coming. 

Each chapter is short and to the point, and can be read in or out of order.

You will find exhortations to stand strong for a Gospel message that has been missing from our pulpits for many years.  If we are ever to restore our churches to a place of revival, we need to return to the place that we once had. 

This book will exhort you, encourage you, and often challenge you to claim the victory that we need to stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days that are before us.

[See: Introduction & Table of Contents]


$9.95 per copy



"PRAISE the lord brother . thanks to the Almighty for giving you the revelation which  culminated  into you writing the book .As i have been praying for GOD's revival  in my life and in the present Christian church ,the book came handy.  It has given me direction as in the basics, no surrender, no compromise, repentance, and intensive  prayer, storming the holy of holies .  GOD bless you."