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Fire in the Hole

This book is a collection of newspaper columns that were written to bring understanding to the times that we are in and the times that are coming. 

You will find exhortations to stand strong for a Gospel message that has been missing from our pulpits for many years.  If we are ever to restore our churches to a place of revival, we need to return to the place that we once had.  This book will exhort you, encourage you, and often challenge you to claim the victory that we need to stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days that are before us.  more...   [See: Introduction & Table of Contents]

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The Kenya Diaries

The Kenya Diaries was written as a daily journal that was emailed home so that family and friends could keep up with Brother Dale as he was ministering in Kenya.  Interest spread and was picked up by the local newspapers whose readers would wait in anticipation for each daily installment of this incredible journey.

This extraordinary journal not only gives an insight to the African culture, but also gives you and inside look at the first-hand personal thoughts and feelings of an evangelist in the beginning of a powerful move of God.  You will read about the supernatural presence of God in these services, and then laugh at the quizzical situations that he found himself in.  You'll feel the dust in the air and the color in the culture as Brother Dale describes his impressions as they are freshly experienced by him. 

The Kenya Diaries has been re-published to include two other booklets from his other trips to Kenya.  

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Do You have Eternal Security?

A book full of Scriptures upon Scriptures that simply lets the Word of God do the talking. 
Simple, direct, and utterly convincing.

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Four Steps to Revival

Want to spark a revival in your community?  This is the book to get.  Churches have been so energized by this booklet that they have passed out hundreds of these books to surrounding churches to establish prayer and fasting chains to bring revival. 

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A Trumpet in Nigeria

Two months spent in Nigeria, from the seedy streets of Lagos to the persecuted arid lands of the Muslim north.  Follow Brother Dale as he ignites church after church in this difficult country.  Not your usual travelogue for tourists, but a in-depth look at the power of God at work in a land in constant spiritual warfare.