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Do You Have

 Eternal Security?

"From the very beginning, Satan persuaded Eve that she would not surely die if she broke the commandment of God.  Tempted by the three ubiquitous lusts, she allowed herself to be persuaded that she could get away with sin, but she was wrong.   Satan has been telling that same lie ever since, and people are still believing it.  And it is still wrong..."

I have attempted to let the Word of God speak for itself in this tract, rather than fill it with commentaries or opinions.  If anyone retorts that these scriptures are taken out of context, then I encourage them to go to those passages.  They will find that the context will not only support it, but will, in most cases, actually strengthen it.

For that very reason, I have  offered ten pages of Scriptures contradicting Eternal Security, and have refrained from enhancing or explaining anything.  I can only hope that they will see it clearly written in God's Word. It is much more lasting and deeper when the Holy Spirit reveals something to us rather than becoming convinced because of someone's arguments.

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