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 Pastor Jack McKee was born in 1952 and has lived in Protestant Shankill Road virtually all of his life. In the midst of the 36 years of violence and terrorism within Northern Ireland he has engaged in a different war against violence and terrorism though Christ with the Gospel of peace and the full armor of God. He has experienced tremendous revival while surviving numerous attempts on his own life and literal assaults on their ministry in Shankill Road.

For more information on their ministry see:

Which Bible - outlines the two different streams leading to today's New Age Bibles and to the King James Version.  A must reading to understand the satanic warfare against God's Word. - a great resource to understand the differences in these modern translations from the authorized King James.  Lots of stuff.

Bible Genealogy and Ancient History
Genealogy of the Bible that includes: individual details, Bible cross reference, Hebrew meanings of names, lineages, dates, maps, timeline, contemporaries. cities, countries and Ancient dynastic history of Mesopotamia and Egypt. - Web-writing and webmaster resources with a free monthly newsletter

Christian Voices - a weekly letter emailed to you with different anecdotes, humor, and thought provoking articles.  (I like the humor.  They always make me smile.)

John Wesley's Sermons - Here's some real ol' fashioned Gospel.  You won't find this in the Methodist church anymore.

Dial-the-Truth Ministries - a resource and tract (both electronic and printed) ministry. Our purpose is presenting the truth and exposing error with the light of the Word of God, with emphasis on The King James Bible and Christian music.

Leonard Ravenhill - Always a refreshing way of putting forth the Truth to give you a clearer understanding.  I love reading his stuff.  You will too.

The Watchword -  Sharing revival history with a prophetic voice and an apostolic vision for the glory of Christ and the hope of a new generation of revival pioneers.  Neat place to visit.  Guaranteed to make you excited.

CitizensLink - Covers and exposes several current issues facing America's families today

The Maranatha Mirror - lots and lots of messages listed online to read.  If you're looking for some inspiration, you are bound to find it on this site.

Glory to the King Ministries - I met this lady in the Philippines and was impressed with her grasp of the Gospel.  She has a wonderful apostolic ministry to many countries in Asia, and has won my hard-earned respect as a true warrior for the Kingdom of God.

Personalized Bat Mitzvah Favors. - personalized party favors for Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. (they asked for a link exchange. I thought it was humorous.