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Chapter 18 –the Pastor’s Conference

Four days of this Pastor’s Conference in this town and boy, am I ready to move on.  It seems that I am always the lone voice calling for repentance.  Everyone else wants to talk about all the positive elements of faith and victory, or of claiming one’s “Sonship” with God and receiving the power to claim your inheritance or power, wealth, or any number of other positive success messages that I have heard during the past four days.  I have heard this same stuff for years and years. 

It’s not that this stuff does not have a basis in the Word of God; it’s that they usually only tell the half of the story.  The part about what the price you have to pay to get all these incredible things always seems to get skipped for some reason … or am I just missing something?

I’m not the only one that sees it because several pastors sought me out after services specifically because my message was so different from everybody else’s.  But there are many more that are more interested in jumping to their feet and shouting Hallelujah to whatever rousing message was coming across the mike.  I told my companion, Daniel, to watch when this happens and notice the techniques that they use to work the crowd.  He was shocked when, for the first time, he realized how they were pushing the emotional hot buttons of the crowd and trying to make it look like it was the Spirit of God. It’s pretty scary playing with the Holy Spirit like that.

You never hear in these “conventions” about the severe Fear of God or Holy Ghost conviction to bring the church to its knees.  It is always these “feel good” messages because that is what people want to hear. Mix your message with some crowd-pleasing rabble-rousing stuff, and you can always get them up on their feet, shouting at the top of their lungs.  It works every time. 

And that leaves me as the bad guy that has to tell them that there is a price to pay to get all these wonderful things they were just hoopin’ and hollerin’ about.  When you don’t tell the whole story, but instead lead people on with fairy tales, you are in essence propagating a lie that ultimately weakens the church. 

Many pastors have come to ask me to please bring this same hard message of repentance and revival to their church.  They know that this is the message that Nigeria needs to hear, not the “feel good” stuff that comes to them through TV from America.  They recognize the truth and are desperate for me to bring this to their church. In some cases, they are literally begging me to come.  That’s how hungry they are for a move of God in this country.  They are starving!

Everywhere I go it is the same way.  If I responded to everyone who asked, I’d be preaching 2 and 3 times a day everyday for the next year or so because every service brings more and more people ask me to come to their church. 

What’s funny is that when I return to America, not a single church will ask me to preach about what has happened here … probably not even my own.  When I tell that to the pastors here, they refuse to believe me.  Surely I must be in great demand in the churches in America.  They think it’s just humility on my part, but I tell them, no, it has to do with hunger

– Africa is hungry and America is not.