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Chapter 19 - Suleja

I am finally out of the Pastors Convention that went on for four days and have traveled to Suleja, a small city in the middle of Nigeria.  What a difference!  This is where I belong, not in the midst of the “preacher’s party” that they had back in Minna.

I am reminded of St. John chapter 5 when all the religious folks were over at the Temple during the Feast while the Son of God was walking through the midst of the sick, maimed, and crippled at the Pool of Bethesda.  All the church people may have been following the Law, but it was over at the Pool where the waters were stirring. 

It takes real power in God to preach the Fear of the Lord and pull back the covering that is upon all eyes so that people can see Eternity as it really is, and that power does not come cheap.  That’s why there are so many light and vain prophets running around and so few of the old-fashioned Holy Ghost prophets. 

How easy it is to proclaim, “Oh, my fair-haired boy!  God is going to shower blessings upon you and call you into a great apostolic calling and He will send you to the nations and anoint you …”

“God has a special calling on your life … and there’s no price to pay. It’s absolutely free! He’s just going to give it to you.” 

Etc., etc. 

Pul-lease!  Isn’t that stuff getting old by now?  Haven’t we figured out the routine?  How long before we realize that these fairy tale prophecies do not line up with the Word of God?  But it’s what we want to hear, isn’t it?  So we keep on chasing after it like lemmings off a cliff.  We want so desperately to hear that we have a special place in God that we will allow these false prophets to prophesy unto us deceits. 

Isaiah spoke of them when he wrote about the people of God, “…which say to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits.”  And Jeremiah echoed, “The prophets prophesy falsely …and my people love to have it so.”

Nigeria is no different than we are in this respect.  There are, however, many serious pastors who recognize this is a device of Satan to weaken the Church, and they are ready to stand and proclaim the truth.  But you only find them in the smaller churches, not the big, rich cathedrals where crowds flock to hear the latest word of blessing for their lives.  But then, that’s always the way that God works, isn’t it?

But here I am now in a small church that has specifically asked to hear the strong message of repentance because they aren’t interested in having a party – they want a revival and they are willing to do whatever it takes to have one.  The pastor has told me that they want to hear the hard messages.  They can’t understand what happened to America.  We used to be so strong, but now all they hear are these world famous preachers of vanity and prosperity on TV.  How did America lose her hold on the Truth?

Ahh, I feel like I am back on solid ground again!