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Chapter 22 – the Vision and the Message

All this talk about Nigeria and I forgot to tell you what I am doing here.  It all started a year ago back in Kenya when the Lord showed me a savanna of dry grass, so dry that it would crush into powder if you grabbed a handful.  The grass stood about 3 ft. tall and stretched from Kenya to Nigeria, as far as the eye could see.  I watched myself as I stepped into the grass, and all I had to do was strike a match and drop it …

I knew then that something huge was coming.  A fire would begin to burn here that would turn into such a blaze that the heat from it would be felt around the world.  But first a match would have to be struck.

A few months ago, I saw a vision of the map of Nigeria, and hanging over the country, especially over the northern parts, was a thick black cloud of spiritual darkness.  It was so thick and dense that you could hardly see through it, but down inside it, I could see little tiny pinpricks of light peeping through, and out of those little lights, I could hear faint cries for help.

That would have been enough right there, but that wasn’t all.  While I was staring at the map of Nigeria, out of the corners of my eyes appeared a long line of huge white chargers, warhorses of God, ten feet tall, to the left of me and to the right.  I could sense their presence better than see them.  Did you ever read in Job the description of a warhorse?  He paws the ground in anticipation, and as he smells the smoke of the battle, he presses against the reins, fearless and furious to charge into the battle – that’s what these pure white chargers were like.

And then, as I am standing there amazed and feeling very small in the center of this battle line, the Spirit of the Lord swept through the entire line with a whoosh.  I can only describe it as the white, hot righteousness of God sweeping through like a rush of the Holy Ghost like a General passing before the host.

Wow.  I just stood there wondering, what in the world is going on with Nigeria?  I don’t know anything about this place -- I barely know where it is -- but something great is about to happen there, and I knew I had to go.

My message has been simple.  Revival is coming, but there are four steps to revival: Recognition, Desire, Repentance, and Prayer.

The first step is that you have to realize that you don’t have one.  Throughout the Bible are prophesies of a spiritual drought just before the great day of the Lord, the final Day of Judgment.  It is all around us, and yet we don’t even notice it because we are so filled with “church”.  If that is all we are satisfied with, then that is all we will have, but the Lord is looking for those who want something more than just “church as usual” who will come to grips with the reality that we do not have a revival in our churches … yet.

The next step is we have to want one.  How badly?  More than life itself.  I always refer to Rachel’s Cry, the cry of a barren woman and of a church that is not winning souls: “Give me children lest I die!”  But that desire has to be planted in our hearts by the Lord, and if we don’t have a burden for lost souls, then we have to cry out to God to please give it to us, because if we are not desperate for revival, then we will not pay the price that is required to get one.  It’s just as simple as that.

Then comes Repentance.  There is no revival or any great move of God without repentance, not just for ourselves, but for the entire Church which has left its first love.  Somebody has to get down on his knees before God begins to move.  Even Daniel, who read the prophesy in Jeremiah of the restoration of Jerusalem, knew that before God would move, somebody had to cry out in repentance for the people of God.  The result was the longest prayer in the entire Old Testament. 

If we won’t repent, then God will not send us His precious souls.  Why should He?

The last step is serious, broken-hearted, desperate prayer, as outlined in the Book of Joel.  In that book of last day prophecy you will fine the blueprint for revival. 

I’ve just condensed a whole series of messages into a few paragraphs, and you will have to read the rest for yourself.  Suffice it to say that revival is coming, but only to those who are desperate enough to cry out to God and commit themselves to pay the price of broken-hearted repentance, prayer, and fasting for lost souls, for a revival for the church, and one last great move of God before Jesus Christ comes back to Earth again.

It is a desperate price that God requires of us, but the results are so incredible that, in Eternity, we will tell the story of what happened here over and over again.  I can see us in Heaven ages from now as the saints gather around us for the millionth time and beg us, “Tell us again what it was like when the Holy Ghost fire fell down and the revival began to burn that would set the entire world on fire!” 

This is the last great move of God, and it will be the greatest revival of all time.

And it will happen here in Nigeria.