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Chapter 24 – Going Home

I am sitting on a balcony outside my room overlooking the Lagos Lagoon.  Ships slowly pass by every so often, punctuated with a smattering of river traffic and fishing boats.  The sun is slowly setting, and it gives a kind of glow to the whole setting.  I am finally done with my mission here.  Tomorrow, I will board a plane to go home and leave the battle here for others to fight.

While I was in the midst of the grind for almost two months, there was not a day that I didn’t yearn to get back home, but now that the pressure has been lifted, I can sink into a restful peace knowing that I am finished with what the Lord had called me to accomplish.

It took all of 7 weeks for me to understand the fullness of the vision that God has given me back in Texas.  It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only a few months ago that the Lord gave me a vision of the country of Nigeria lying under a cloud of thick darkness with little pinpricks of light crying out for help. 

When I first arrived, the mission seemed simple, almost routine, but as I waded through battle after battle and victory after victory, I began to see deeper and farther than when I had first received the vision.  This was not just a battle for Nigeria’s soul, but for all of Africa, and ultimately the world.

I have always believed that there will be one last great revival just before the Coming of the Lord.  According to the Book of Joel, the Christians God will raise up will be the strongest Christians there have ever been and He will send the greatest outpouring ever.  I believe that last great revival will be here in Africa and that it will generate from Nigeria and Kenya. 

But Satan will not roll over and allow us to rise up without a fight, and that fight will be as intense as the outpouring of God.  This is war, and the cutting edge of the front line is here in Nigeria. 

God will raise up shepherds after His own heart, and He will raise up leaders and generals who will get their authority from the deep, embracing Fear of God, and will stand head and shoulders over the self-proclaimed titled church nobility that is in charge today.  And while the move of God will be set on fire among the small churches that genuinely seek the face of God, it will be the large, prosperous cathedrals that, like Joseph’s 11 brethren, will persecute them.  That’s the way it always happens.

As for myself, I have struck the matches and lit the fires that I was called to light.  I have dropped them in a savanna of dry grass, and there they will burn.  I honestly believe what God told me before I ever left Texas to come here – He told me that they will not remember me.  I would simply be the Johnny Appleseed who ran through the countryside lighting fires. 

But one of these days, in one of these little churches, someone will say something -- maybe a broken hearted testimony, maybe a piercing message, maybe a prayer of repentance for the church – somewhere, someone, somehow there will be a breaking of hearts, and the sound of the snap will be heard in Heaven and the fire of God will fall … and Africa will be set ablaze.  It will burn so hot that we will feel the heat around the world. 


And an old man will sit on his porch in a little town in Texas and will smile.  It will be enough.