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Into the Heart of Nigeria - 6

Remember that church I told you about that met under a tree in the middle of a Muslim area?  There was a lady at those services who would stand in the front row right in front of me, close her eyes and shout “Amen!” after everything that was said.  What really gets me is that she didn’t speak English, so she never understood what was being said, but that didn’t matter.  It was still “Amen!” I can see her face, eyes shut tight, hands in the air, shaking her head back and forth, shouting glory.

That’s the kind of stuff that makes me to know that it is really going to happen here – revival is going to break out in Nigeria.  I know I am here to strike a match – actually a bunch of matches – but the Lord has also shown me that nobody will remember me once revival breaks out.

This morning, He showed me why.

I have been visiting one church after another and each service is lit on fire.  There have been a few that were only so-so, but the momentum has been increasing.  Church ain’t what they’re used to and the message ain’t what they’re used to, but when the Spirit of the Lord enters the room, you can feel the electricity seep into the service and ignite their hearts.  They really want this -- the refreshing clarity of the reproof, Holy Ghost conviction, the witness of the Spirit and the tangible promise of a move of God – because they are desperate for a real, honest-to-goodness revival.  They want the real thing, not the phony marquis revival (the ones you have to advertise on a sign). 

It will happen in one of these services.  One of the matches that I am dropping is going to burn and spark a revival. 

It may happen after I have left Nigeria, but the residue of the Spirit of God will continue to work, and one of these days in one of these places, all of a sudden … boom!  It will happen just like that, and we will read about a great and mighty move of God that has set Africa on fire after I am long gone.

I am so excited that I am literally shouting out loud.  Its 5 am but I don’t care – this is really, really going to happen!  And I get to be part of it! 

Did I mention to you that I was excited?  Oh yeah I’m excited!

Conditions here are rough – the mud, the traffic, the press of humanity, the broken facilities, lack of amenities, the frustrating lack of organization and their sense of “African time” – but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.  I feel more alive than ever, doing something that is real and that will count in Eternity.

And I haven’t even started what I came here to do!