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Thank you so much for your broadcast!! My husband and I are so grateful to hear your words of pure holy fire from God. We are really looking for a church here where we live in Northwest Indiana that preaches with holiness and purity desiring to lay it all down, to be totally separated from the world. But guess what? There are no churches like that that we can find. It is so discouraging, we feel more defiled after we get to church than before we got there. Please pray we can find a church that wants God more than money. A church that wants to pray more than play.

We are very grateful to get spiritually fed through your ministry. You lift up Jesus and preach holy fire and purity. We pray God will encourage you and bless your heart. You're a precious brother in the Lord.

Thank you for your obedience to our Precious Jesus,

Dear Dale Garris,  Greetings in the name of our Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ, and greetings from the rural farm land on the North Dakota prairie.
My husband, Daryl, came across your radio program, Fire in the Hole, a few months ago on sky angel tv and we have been faithful listeners ever since.   The churches up here in the heartland are cold and dead spiritually.    We have searched and searched for that church where there is a fire burning for God.   If one does exist up here, it is not easily found and too far away to attend.
Thank you, Dale Garris, for being open to hear from God and to His leading that allows you to preach His uncompromised Word to those of us who want to hear it so desperately and those of us who want to worship in spirit and truth and are on fire for Jesus.   
Daryl and I would like to have some of your messages on tape.   We would also like to support your ministry.   We would like to inquire about getting your  worship services via the web live, is that possible????

[3/2/05]  I was just checking out your website and your words. The body of Christ needs to hear what you have to say my friend. I myself am a 49 year old, man from Canada with a call of God on my life as I know you do. Canada now is probably one of the worst sinfilled, wicked, abominable, godless, heathen nations on earth today. As bad as things are in your nation they aint a patch compared to what are humanistic nation has become. If we have 10 to 12 percent of our nation born again then that means 88% of Canadians that die are going to hell on a daily basis.
No longer are christian leaders confronting believers and nonbelievers with sin. Up here it is do as you please and don't happy! Well if you play in the mud you will get muddy. Sorry for going on like this but I am sure you get the point. Anyway your doing a find job for the Lord Jesus Christ and I want to comend you for it. I only wish I was as commited into full time ministry as you are. For to many years though a born again, bloodwashed, Holy Ghost believer I still messed with sin. Satan really did a number on me.
But God removed the veil and showed me that I was in sin yet repenting before I got to church then messing with sin again. What a mess I was! I was sowing good and bad seed through the week. How can God ever use a person like that? Thank God for his mercy because as bad as I was I still lead 17 people to Christ in the seniors ministry I am the head of under my pastor.
Anyway continue to look to Jesus my brother!

I just read your statement of what you believe. I LOVE IT!! I was honestly beginning to wonder if anyone was left out God told Elijah there were stll 7000 that had not bowed the knee to Baal. I thank God for you and anyone else left out there somewhere! I am already on your mailing list and have been for a little while. I've liked your thoughts and wondered just where you stood. I've been forwarding them on to people in my address book. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how glad I am to know you're out there.........Just keep on keepin' on............Carol from Michigan

Thanks spoken encouragingly this day as your sermon on beamed quite clearly in our often faulty sonic systems. Praise God. I greatly appreciate some of your programms, one on Esther conveyed a very good idea. Now, thank you as I praise the Lord for your voice and good message. Psalm 119:149 from me to you. Amen.

Kailash, India

dear br. dalen garris,
How are you? Hope you are fine by god's grace.Here I am fine by god's grace.I had written a letter to you telling that I received the cassettes. Hope you received it.
if you don't received it or don't know me then let me describe about myself.
My name is Chris mani Thomas, an citizen of India living in the u.a.e for the past 9 years. I am studying in 10TH standard. I am a frequent listener to your radio broadcasts through Bible voice.Your gospel messages are a great blessing to me.
Thank you sending me an e-mail telling me about Why president bush went to war.Hope every thing is fine out there.
please pray for my studies and i am praying for your ministry.
Yours affectionately,
Chris, United Arab Emirates

Amazing God we have!!!!  Fire in the hole has been a direct line between the Lord and us.  Sometimes we ask the Lord to talk to us and sometimes we say we don't know how but you need to say it clearly.  It doesn't get any better than this.  This new message about God Loves Puppies was specially made to bless our lives here in Puerto Rico, the lives of my three kids(b=11, b=10 & g=8) and myself.
You mentioned that "little kids and widows have a special place in God's heart"... Amen!!!  As I was reading this, I could feel the Lord wrapping his arms around us.  His love is amazing!
I wrote to you a few days ago about some difficulties I was confronting at work.  After talking to several people that are involved in my situation (union, district superintendent, legal aid, and friends) I got the feedback from them that I was weak and that only the strong one survives.  Then I read this line about that "weaker personalities take a lower place in most of our estimations and compared that to what was going on with each person who has handle my current situation at work.  "This is natural.  Life is a competitive place no matter where you are.  It is a struggle to survive, and Life isnít always fair.  But then, thatís the way Life is."  Yet if we are weak in the view of humans we are strong in the Lord.
I read also:  "But God is mindful of the weak, the infirm, and those who canít compete".  Yet "It doesnít always seem that way, does it"?  Oh oh, this only tells me that the Lord was really listening carefully when I said the same exact words to him.  It doesn't always seems that the Lord is mindful of the weak but He is and he builds us for his glory.
I was wondering why our life was so tough.  I love the Lord since I was 6 years and I always seek his will.  I got married in the will of God to a man who was a christian.  But why and how could Domestic Violence happen to me?  Why did I had to run for my life and the life of my kids?  Why divorce?  Why a child with Cerebral Palsy?  Why a Gifted child?  Why my daughter was born with a kidney condition and now facing a heart problem?  Why these kids have to live without a Dad?   Why all these things happen to me, if I only live because of you?  Why can't I have a regular life like anybody else?  Are you aware of all these details about my life Lord????
I was crying before the Lord, don't you just see what my kids and I've been through and going thru?  I loved you Lord is all I ever have known to do.  I want your will for our lives, why us Lord?  Why?
I am thankful now that I've gone thru all because I've been able to share to others that didn't have hope.  The Hope of Love in Jesus, the only light at the other side of the tunnel.    I agree that maybe our weaknesses are our greatest strengths, and our trials are our greatest blessings.  We must daily seek his presence like children and widows and never ever doubt for a minute.  He does takes care of everything.
Hey! About the job situation, I don't know what is going to happen, but I am certain the Lord is in charge.
Thank you!!!

Bro. Dale,
I want to say thank You for the tapes.  They're are a blessing to me. I sent a little something today in the mail to cover the cost of shipping and so forth.  Hope everything is going well for you and your family.  My wife and I went to a Revival meeting this evening at a local Church of God, it was a refreshing thing to be in the presence of the Lord with His worshiping people. There are many who have the desire I believe to draw near to the Lord, I want to be in that number...among that crowd!  I am seeking the Lord for His enablement to accomplish His will, I have always desired this, but it seems that lately that desire is more intense than ever.  I sometimes feel like I'm going to explode with desire to declare the Word of God, Witness and Worship.  I am so tired of seeing  many "christians" today wasting away in mediocrity and lukewarmness.  It angers me to see "christians" under the control of the enemy, playing church and going through religious motions.  There is a tremendous need for an anointed prophetic voice to be raised in the land today...a voice that will shake hell and its strongholds. A voice that will set the captive free, and bring deliverance to the captive.  You continue in that endeavor, and by God's grace I will join with you on this end.  I will be praying for you, and covet your prayers for me.  God Bless You.
Crucified In Him,