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    Audio Broadcasts from 2004 - 2006

Name   Name
Solomon & the Laodiceans Cast Out the Bondwoman the Great Whore
Ransom of a Man's Life Mary Pondered Mordecai vs Esther
Drifting through Canaan Gideon's Call Waiting at Gilgal
Last Moments Gideon 2 A New Cloth
He Came Seeing Woe is Me John 3:16
The Strait Gate Coming to Bethel Excuses
The Hall of Heroes the Rest of God Dispensation of Zechariah
Excitement the Seed of Abraham Widows during the Famine
Fishing The Bottom Line Delilah
Esther vs. Mordecai Sower-prosperity Gilboa
Fret Not Hell Hard Hearts
Three Parting Words Shepherds in Dothan Oh, My God!
Horns of the Altar Losing Jerusalem Choices
the Cupbearer Lining up with the Cornerstone Unclean Beasts
Hummingbirds Why Jesus Wept The Lion's Den
He Wist Not Mercy and Self-Righteousness Leaven in Judgment
Othniel The Anointing of His Testimony If God Permit
Full of Surprises The Lone Prophet Rebellion in the Desert
I Remember 2nd Peter Looking Through a Window
A Lump of Figs Cast off the Covering The Sound of the Abundance of Rain
Peter's Transformation Whoredom & Wine Zacchaeus
Faith Comes by Hearing Burden of Malachi Ye Have Wearied the Lord
Praise of Men Parable of the Penny What Good Thing Can I Do?
Coming to Jordan Mt. Sinai The Price of Power
Death of Christianity Him Crucified God Can Be Full of Surprises
Not By Power I'm Outta Here Weeping at Bochin
A Brand New Cart Jonah A Fake Revival
Jacob Meets Pharaoh A Pound of Spiknard Evil Beasts
Pharez The Shepherd's Anointing Mary Pondered
Removing the Candlesticks Two Gospels