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Cry - All Flesh is Grass


Christmas Gift

The Purpose of Life is Death


Jeremiah - Bottom of the Well

Principals Snuffed Out

Great Falling Away

Healing Testimony

Jacob - Predestination vs. Presumption

A Field of Barley

Heath in the Desert, or Tree by Living Waters?

False Prophets, Unity of Churches

On Peace & Safety Messages

False Intelligence



Judgment After the Rain

Debt of Honor

Does Anybody Care?

Are You Sure

Phineas - Fight

Power - Eph 3:20

Personal Responsibility

Haggai Building the Temple

Inspiration, Faith & Fear

First Steps to Revival

Overcome, Victory, Faith


Profane vs. Holy

A Call for Warriors

Unjust Stewart

The Defining Moment






2nd Broadcast

First Broadcast

Turning the Hearts of the Fathers

Beginning of Sorrows

Transformation of Faith


A Call to Arms

Hope - the Christmas Message

In Hell He Lifted Up His Eyes

Rachael's Cry

Dying on the Vine

Spirit of Whoredoms

Roll Away the Stone


The Alabaster Box

Transformation of the Glory


Pecan Pie

Passing on the Glory


Treading Upon the Blood of Jesus

Power in God

With Your Heart

The Gospel of Me

Battle in Prayer


The Death of Saul

Sound an Alarm in My Holy Mountain

Keeping the Victory

The Tale of the Good Samaritan

The Coming Storm

Daubed with Untempered Mortar

four Stems to Revival

Where Are the Generals?


Hearing the Blind Man Cry

Sir, We Would See Jesus

Hakuna Matata

The Price of Dinner

Sour Wine

Reality of the Spirit of God

One Thing is Needful

Of Pride & Prophets

Rehoboam - prepare your heart to seek the Lord

Trust the Lord - John

Two Trees in the Garden

Preparations for Revival - Nehemiah


The Old; Ordinances

Unity of the World Church

Blood, Fire, Fear, & Souls of Men


A DoorKeeper

Balaam - the 1st Ecumenical Preacher

The Witch at Endor

Poor Rhoda

God's Conditional Love

Horns of the Altar

With Your Heart

The Tithe of God


The Church at Ephesus

the Church in Sardis

A Clear Understanding

Parable of the Talents

Go to Bethel

The Keys of Knowledge

To Bray A Fool

A Comedy of Errors

Oil for your Lamp


Victory in Babylon

The Kingdom of God With Power

Something More

I Saw a Lamb As it had been Slain

Where is Your Faith

Take My Yoke Upon You

The Lord is Building a Wall

Thou Shalt Not Seethe a Kid in its Mother's Milk

Falling to Golden Calves

God Ain't Fair!

Elijah's Solitary Stand

Broken at the Cross

the Desert Before His Coming

Excuse for Sin from Eden

Does God Talk?

Of Pride and Prophets

Walking and Mincing as they Go

Judge Not Lest Ye be Judged

The Widow at Zarephath

Never See the Righteous Begging Bread

Power & Authority in God


The Falling Away of Saul

This Dreamer Cometh

Martha, Martha

The Secret Place of the Most High

The Myth of the Sabbath

Truth, Mercy, and Knowledge of God

Titus and Televangelists

The Test for the Pharisees

Observing Lying Vanities

The Pharisee and the Publican

Fret Not Thyself

As It Was Just Before the Captivity

Church Traditions

Tempting the Lord

Peter's Own Personal Miracle

Untempered Mortar

John the Baptist

The Analogy of a Woman

The Valley of Decision

Rushing Toward False Prophets

The Disobedience of Saul

The Hidden Talent

A Crucified Walk

Polluted Bread

She Shall Be Saved in Childbearing

To Him That Overcometh

Rebuilding the Wall

The Last Supper


the Darkness Comprehended it Not

The Daughters of Men Were Fair to Look On

The Goodness of God Leadeth Tee to Repentance

Where is the Lord God of Elijah?

The Pool of Bethesda

The Summer is Past

The Narrow Path

Esau-the Persecutor of the Church

Dual Nature


The Story of the 3 Little Pigs

Dying in the Wilderness


Redound to the Glory of God

Lying Vanities - 48 min.

The Cross Made Jesus Perfect

True Holiness

Trust in God

Is "Pretty Good" Good Enough?


Crossing a Threshold

Pots of Oil

The Books Were Opened

Forced to Make a Stand

Holy Communion

The End of the Commandment

Being a Watchman on the Wall

Despising Dominion

Falling to Golden Calves

Cain, Balaam, & Korah

The Sign of Jonas

The Glass Slipper

A Defining Moment for Isaiah

Fret Not Thyself

Sampson's False Presumption

The Road to Bethel

Mordecai & Esther

Rich Man and Lazarus

Faith and Presumption

Woman at the Well

The Scarlet Thread

Resurrection and the Life

Desperate for Revival

The Stirring of the Waters

Something Terrible is Coming


A Place of Brokenness

the Witch at Endor

Death on the Altar

Washing the Feet of Jesus

They Cause My People to Err

The Yearning of Gideon

No Oil

Four Steps to Revival - Step 4

The Book is Sealed Unto Them


Four Steps to Revival - Step 3

Joseph - A Type of Church

Pre-Rapture Tribulation

Four Steps to Revival - Step 2

David in the Wilderness

Supernatural Signs

Four Steps to Revival - Step 1

Parable of the Sower

The Lesson of Patience

Hiding Among the Stuff

Working Your Faith

Weightier Matters of the Law

The Christmas Gift

Joseph - A Type of Church

Looking For Supernatural Signs

The Coming Judgment

The Substance of Faith

The Cupbearer's Repentance

John the Baptist - Then & Now

Pluralism - A Deep Ditch

Why Be Born Again


Jonah Type Christian


Laodicean Golden Calves

Golden Candlestick

Vessels of Gold and Silver

Simon's House

Light vs. Darkness

The Sovereignty of God

Why Elijah?




Walking in the Spirit

Unconditional Love

Revelations 13


Pillar of Salt

The Daughters Were Fair

Waterpots of Stone

Holy Communion

Pot Scrubber for the Lord


Desire for Truth

the Mantle of Elijah

Almost Persuaded

Finding the Book of the Law


Woman of Zidon

Feast of Tabernacles

Smooth Operator

God's Conditional Love

War in Heaven

Test of the Law

Basic Salvation


In the Beginning

Driving for Desire




Gimme a Sign

Death of Saul

Sign of Jonas


Blind Man

Prosperity and Valleys

Psalm 23

Who Is Christ?

The Peace of Jerusalem


Rest in the Sabbath


The Gideon Church

Seek and Ye Shall Find

A Wind in the Mulberry Trees

Weightier Matters

A Sower Went to Sow

Get Ready

The Books Were Opened

Confidence from the Spirit of the Lord



Mount Sinai

Your Calling

Dust and Ashes

Adams Sin


Noah's Grace

Waiting at Gilgal


Beware of Leaven

The Lion's Den

Kingdom of Power


O My God

Whoredom & Wine


Blind Bartimaeus




4 Steps to Revival


A Fearful Thing

Way, Truth, and Life

My Heart is Fixed

Ten Lepers

Carnal Wisdom

Good Samaritan

Mount Moriah

A Field of Barley

Him Crucified



The Pool of Bethesda



Honor Thy Father

Psalm 45

In the Hold